Daria Melnikova

Yesterday Is The New Tomorrow

Exhibition view

Details I: Concrete, chains, laser engraving, birch tree branches, plexiglass with foil

Details II: Concrete, chains, plexiglass, wood, aluminum tubes, golden threads,
laser engraving on aluminum

Daria Melnikova’s collaboration with ISSMAG gallery coincides with her trip to Moscow, where she uses the whole city as an artistic medium – contemporary Moscow architecture will act as a witness of time reflecting cultural and political processes and changes in lifestyle of people of different generations. In tourist photos the crooked huts of Terekhovo village coexist organically with skyscrapers of Moscow-city in the background, so do an elderly woman and her teenage grandson who are forced to live in one apartment. Presenting modern Moscow as a collage of contrasting architectural styles, technologies and values, Melnikova creates an installation from elements typical to traditional Russian wooden architecture – twisted columns, carvings, balusters – combined with modern materials – plastic, metal and concrete, searching for a possibility of a harmonious dialogue and a joint way forward, impossible without continuity of traditions.

- Alexander Burenkov - 


solo show at ISSMAG gallery, 21.03. - 20.04.2017, Moscow


Curated by Alexander Burenkov

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