Daria Melnikova

Celestial Stems

Exhibition view I
A, S, O

A (details)
Plexiglass, plastic plant, aluminum, wire web, crystals

S (details)
Engraved plexiglass, brass, paint, gemstones, sand

O (details)
Plexiglass, stones, reed

Exhibition view II
D, Y

Y (details)
Plexiglass, wood, plastic, vinyl, sand, rose spikes

D (details)
Bamboo, brass, paint, plexiglass, amber

Celestial Stems (detail)
Embroidery on laminated rice paper

Mountainside is covered
With a velvet dew.
Has turned into a stream.

Live fire.
Golden gleam
Has faded in the tiger's eye.


The vein of cool silver
Is warmed by the body of mineral.
Will green shortly.

Flame's branches are stretching.
The metal is tempered
With a rush of a sprout.

Fallen leaves are burning.
Fume has scattered in the garden
With petals of blossomed apple tree.


solo show together with Agata Melnikova at Four To Seven, 29.09. - 27.10.2016, Riga


Photos: Kristiāna Marija Sproģe

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